How to restore .bak to new Octopus Server

I’ve got a full .bak backup of my Octopus Server database, and I have the master key for that database.

I’ve restored the .bak successfully to the new Octopus Server instance.

Now I’m seeing a error in event viewer saying that the encryption doesnt match because the new instnace has its own master key, which makes sense. How do I force the new instance to use the old master key?

It would be great if this was added to the documentation, because its sparse in instructions on how to restore from backup.

Ok so the root of my misunderstanding comes from having scripted the install of octopus server should we lose that system. This is on a auto scaling group at AWS.

There is no way to change the existing master key for a Octopus Server instance once its been created.

I had to re-initiate the install, pointed the new server at the existing restored database and the octopus server install wizard detected that it was a existing database and allowed me to enter the old master key.

Hi Chase,

Thank you for getting in touch. I’m glad you got your problem sorted. For future reference you can set the master key via the command line. Please see the Server configuration and File storage section of the documentation for more information.

Hope that helps

Robert W

Awesome! Thank you. Maybe it would be worth putting a blurb in your documentation here:

that the master key can be specified after a restore using the command line switches?

Hi Chase,

Good idea. Done.

Robert W