How to purge the output directory using octo.exe

Hi All,

How to purge the output directory during deployment using Octo.exe

I am deploying the package using Octo.exe and passing the variables as below.

E:\Octopus\OctopusTools.\Octo.exe create-release --deployto Dev --project TOH --version %BUILD_ID% --packageversion %BUILD_ID% --server http://localhost/octopus --apiKey [My Api Key] --progress

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Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for getting in touch! This will have nothing to do with octo.exe itself, as that just triggers a release and deployment to Octopus. In your project that you are calling, if you are using the Custom Installation Directory feature where your files are deployed to, then you can select the check box to purge the directory first. Then for all new releases and deployments it will do this step. It is not something that can be turned on and off per deployment, as it is managed in the project process.

Hopefully I understood your issue correctly, if I am completely off base, please let me know more about what you are trying to accomplish.


Hi Vanessa,

This option worked for me.