How to integrate or add aws rds with octopus deploy during installation


As we need sql db to run octopus deploy server , we thought of using aws rds sql with octopus deploy.

Kindly suggest us how to do so.

How to integrate or add aws rds with octopus deploy during installation

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When configuring the Octopus instance as you reach the step that asks for the database information it would simply be a case of entering the connection information for your AWS RDS SQL database and then Octopus will use that without any problems.



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from screenshot attached , how can we give our RDS endpoint details at this step… Please suggest us

In the Server name field you would enter the connection information for the AWS RDS database and the authentication details for the user would go into their relevant fields.

If you know what the full connection string needs to be already, you can use the Advanced option to enter this directly.


Thanks for the update

could you please suggest on this error

There isn’t much I can add that the error message doesn’t already state.
It suggests that there is some network infrastructure between the Octopus Server and the AWS RDS that is blocking the connection.
This could be a firewall within AWS blocking that port, or something within your own environment.

It may be worth testing this outside of Octopus first, using something like SQL Server Management Studio.
I found this guide that may help with this:

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