How to handle modifications or changes in Powershell script that is generic to multiple projects

Hi All,
Here’s my situation. I have a powershell script that will be used by multiple projects for deployment.
For instance, i have a project 1 that is using PS version 1.0 for deployments and the release is R1, and
for project 2 i got a new requirement to change the powershell and i need to use the same PS script, with different code.

So my question, how should this be handled with no impact for the release R1 that was created for project 1 which uses PS version 1.0. R1 still is deployed only in lower regions.

Please assist the appropriate approach.


Thanks for getting in touch! One of the ways to version deployment scripts that are external to your application is to embed them into a package (nuget or zip file). Once that’s done then you can include the right version of the script in the project by adding Script Step to it.

Please let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem.




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