How to handle a NuGet feed with a new numbering scheme

I’m deploying artifacts from a NuGet feed that has committed the cardinal sin – it started using a new numbering schema.

Old format: 3.1.116
New Format:

As you can tell, 3.1.116 appears to be “newer” than, however this is not the case. We want to treat as the newer build, and increment from there.

I’ve tried clearing the nuget package cache in Octopus, clearing the nuget feed itself, and nuking the octopus project. Still, it hangs on to 3.1.116 as the last deployed version from this feed. Is there a way around this, without renaming the NuGet feed itself?


The only thing I can think of is to clone the project and delete the original (you’ll lose the release history) - then you can start fresh. Alternatively you could edit the last release you created and choose the new package version format.


Interestingly, I tried this and found that it still wanted to release
version 3.1.116 when I created the first release in the new project. I
assumed this meant it had recorded the last release for that NuGet package,
independent of the Octopus project?

Either way, I went ahead and renamed the NuGet package, which seems to be
working nicely.