How to extract Tentacle configuration on tentacle


Im doing some automation and would like to know if there is a way I can query the configuration of a tentacle ON the tentacle itself, using powershell/win32/Rest/anything.
I would extract things like: Name, Environment, Roles, more or less the same as i specify during automated installation.

Kind regards

Hi Christian,

Are you doing this from within a Deploy.ps1 script in a package deployment, a standalone PowerShell step in Octopus, or from something outside of Octopus (e.g., your own scheduled task or Windows Service)?

You can use our REST API to query the Machines and to try and find a machine with a name/IP address matching the current machine.


Hi Paul

Sry for the late reply.
In short im using Puppet to provision my servers and thereby installing Tentacles.
Im writting an open source Tentacle install module for Puppet, to automate.

So what im trying to achieve is to query the Tentacle installation on the specific server to give me feedback that the Tentacle was installed to folder Z, added to environment X, has role Y, etc…
This enables me to control and ensure that my servers are in sync.

I know this collides a bit with what octopus does, but doing this allows me to collect data, find inconsistencies, validate, update and change my servers in a very structured and highly analytic manner, which is important from a devops point of view.

So if there’s a way i can query the local Tentacle installation it would be very, very nice. But if all Tentacle setup is located in the Octopus db on another server, then I will have to find another approach.

I just gathered that since I can specify environment and roles during the automated msi installation, then that data must be present on the Tentacle itself.

Hi Christian,

The Tentacle’s .config file, found in its home directory, contains all of the locally-stored info, which isn’t very much.

The Octopus HTTP API (we provide a handy C# client on NuGet if that helps) is the quickest way to get more info - environments, roles and so-on.


Hi Christian :slight_smile:

Did you end up getting your puppet module working? If so would you consider sharing it on github?



Hi Luke

Yes but I abondend it again (and puppet for the moment).
Its deleted and gone :(.