How to Deploy Project to All Environments Using Octo.exe

I want to use octo.exe to deploy a project to all first level environments in the default lifecycle e.g. If my lifecycle has three staging environments for different countries, I want to deploy to all of them. How can I achieve this if I don’t want to list all the environments?

octo deploy-release --project 'MyProject' --deployto '?????' --version=latest --server '...' --apiKey '...' --progress --waitfordeployment --force

My use case is that I want to fire off releases and deployments for N projects which I have listed in all of my staging environments. However, some projects have different lifecycles and environments to others, so I don’t want to have to list all of the environments individually.


Thanks for reaching out.

You can set all the environments on the first phase to “Deploy Automatically” as shown on the attached screenshot. That way, when you create a release using Octo.exe, that release will be automatically deployed to all the environments that were added with that rule.

Once you do that, you’ll no longer need to specify the --deployto on your Octo.exe call, along with --progress,--waitfordeployment & --version which depend on --deployto

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