How to deploy an SSRS report file or project?

I’m trying to figure out the most direct way of deploying a single rdl file to an SSRS server within an Octopus release. Seeing as how I may not have a tentacle installed on said SSRS server, how can I go about this? Is there a command line utility where I can move just one rdl? Is this github project ( my only resource in making this happen or are there other paths that I haven’t considered?

Hi Ian,

Packing the .rdl and the necessary scripts into a NuGet package for Octopus should cover this; at deployment time, you can pass the SSRS server location to the script in a variable, so the deployment can be pushed from an arbitrary Tentacle.

Hope this helps,

Hello Ian,

If you would like to send your report to DBA for deploying report to report server, you should save *.rdl which locates in the Business Intelligence Project folder. Meanwhile, there are some useful tips for your reference:

  1.     If data source doesn’t exist in report server, you should create the data source manually in report manager.
  2.     If you have defined some report models in your Business Intelligence Project, I would like to suggest that you should deploy report model in your solution explorer.

I have no link to download about how to deploy an SSRS report file, but you know all about SSRS project.

Ok, I have found a PS script that deploys the SSRS reports, data sources and datasets, now I’m trying to figure out how to deal with the packaging side as well as pushing the package to octopus, we use TFS and MS build, it sounds like I would need to:

  1. Create a build for report projects that would launch nugget.exe and once it is done octopack that nugget package to the Octopus server.
  2. On deployment execute that PS script to deploy the code.

Is there a simpler way to do this?


Hi Fabian,

Thanks for getting in touch. What you have described would be the best way to go about this.
Currently there are no built in functions or library scripts to help with this situation.


I’ve just written a blog post on how I automated our SSRS report deployment with Octopus Deploy.

Check it out