How to deploy a single Azure WebJob to Azure WebSite with multiple jobs


I have an Azure WebSite that contains multiple webjobs. Using FileZilla I can update these jobs independently by using /site/wwwroot/app_data/jobs/continuous/[Jobname] directly. This lets me deploy web jobs seperately.

I have individual nuget packages for each job.

I am currently using FTP deployment for the rest of our site (standard Azure WebSites) and it works fine, but they have a root directory of /site/wwwroot/.

When I use the webjob path I get an error “The system cannot find the path specified. (code=550)”.

  1. How should I deploy individual webjobs?
  2. If I can’t, how can I deploy them as a single website and still have octopus deploy update the configuration files that are buried deep in the folder structure (i.e. not in the root folder but in /site/wwwroot/app_data/jobs/continuous/[Jobname]) as it doesn’t seem to pick these up for transformation


Sorry, meant to add Octopus version


Thanks for getting in touch. I’m gonna need a few things to help you out with the troubleshooting:

  1. A screenshot of your deployment process. One that shows all the steps should do

  2. Enable the debugging variables and create a new release

  3. Send us the raw log of your deployment

Good news: In Octopus 3.0 we’ll be adding a deeper Azure support so you can avoid relaying on old FTP

Bad news: In Octopus 3.0 we’ll also stop providing support to FTP deployments. We’ll add a library step for the few cases that still use FTP. On this blog post we explain why are we doing this



Hi Dalmiro

The links helped me diagnose… eventually down to user error. I think the FTP 550 was transient as it seems to have gone away and the variables not being updated was due to a selection option not being set.

Thanks for the heads up on Octopus 3.0 btw. however, I have to say that when it works, FTP is actually really easy…