How to deploy a dacpac?

What is the best way to deploy an SSDT-created dacpac?

Hi Sean,

Thanks for getting in touch! As with anything being deployed with Octopus you need to create a NuGet package.

You have three choices to create this as a package:
One is a really simple ‘grab and pack’ approach with octo.exe pack you point it at a directory and it wll package up any files and folders it finds in that path. No NuSpec required.
Two you can use NuGet.exe pack but this requires a NuSpec, and is for a case where you have a specific definition of files you would like packaged. It gives much more control and allows for the proper metadata to be created.
Three is very manual using NuGet Package Explorer (as seen in this blog post:

There is also this very excellent blog post written about automating the process:

Hope that helps!