How to create a release using the latest stable versions of each package?


We are using Teamcity Octopus runner to create and deploy releases. Is there a way to create a release with latest stable versions of each package without explicitly defining them? Also for certain environments I would like to block the deployment If pre-release version of package is used, Is that possible ? One more question is, can we use automatic release creation for external nuget feed?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Latest stable versions/preventing pre-releases: Depending on your scenario you might be able to leverage the new Channels features in Octopus 3.2. There is a specific example of preventing pre-releases.

Automatic Release Creation: No, you can only enable this for the built-in nuget feed:

That being said, take a look at our RFC: Reactions - Integration Toolkit to see where ARC will be heading.

Hope that helps!