How to copy images to S3

We are evaluating TeamCity and Octopus Deploy for deploying .Net applications to AWS.
I am new to both TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.

We also need to copy images to S3 buckets which will be a source for AWS Cloudfront CDN

When an image is changed and checked into VS Online we will kick off a build process in team city.

Some how we need to get this image in AWS S3.
I did find Octopus deploy library for S3 upload.

My question is about the architecture of octopus deploy.
Do all the deployment scripts execute in the EC2 instances?

Is there a server side script that only runs on the tentacle server?
There may be times we will have a large number of images that need to be uploaded to S3 and I am trying to find a best way to do this with teamcity and octopus deploy.



Thanks for reaching out. All deployment scripts are executed from a Tentacle, which in your case would be an EC2 instance, yes. What you can do is set the EC2 instance that runs the Octopus server to be a Tentacle as well. This doc shows how:

Hope that helps!