How To Configure IIS log location in "Deploy to IIS" step template

How do I configure the IIS log location in the “Deploy to IIS” step template step? I don’t see anything inbuilt in the gui for this step.

It looks like I need to add a custom script step? Is there already an example of doing this or is there something in the GUI I missed?


Hi @HJHousten,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately that is one of the items that you can’t do directly through the Deploy to IIS step, so you will need a script step to set this value. Microsoft have some excellent documentation on how to do this, including code examples which includes a C# script that should be plug and play into Octopus.

Please let me know if you have any issues or further questions,


Thanks, promising sample code. However it gives a compile error when run in OD because the Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace is not availabe.

Our scripts do this already so I’ll have to cannibalize them.

It would be great to see this as a feature in future… :slight_smile:

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