How to clear a blocking task


I have a step that is refusing to run due to another task :

Waiting for the script in task ServerTasks-468674 to finish as that script requires that no other Octopus scripts are executing on this target at the same time

This ‘ServerTasks-468674’ was originally cancelled. I have since tried to delete it to make the step progress. But it still refuses even after cancelling and re-launching the step.

How can I ‘kill’ ServerTasks-468674?

Hi @matthew_gill ,
Thanks for reaching out and sorry to see you run into this issue with cancelling a task.

I’ll be honest and say we have recently had to dig through our code around cancelling tasks and fix several issues which are strongly affecting our customers. We have identified many issues which are centred around what happens when customers try to cancel a task.

In your case this Github issue Server Tasks not canceling when a the task is canceled · Issue #7903 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub seems to fit your symptoms. This is almost ready to be released and you may subscribe to it to see which version it gets fixed in.

The workarounds in that GH issue do suggest that restarting the Tentacle or worker may help but it may also need a restart of Octopus server itself.

This GH issue also mentions and details some of the other issues this piece of code has surfaced for us and that we are fixing right now

If you like, you can send us the Octopus server logs and/or the Tentacle logs in this instance and we can dig a bit further to confirm this issue has been fully addressed already in one of the GH issues above.

I expect a fix will be release any day now as the fixed code has already been merged.

Let us know if you need anything further.

Kind regards,

We ended up resorting to a reboot of the octopus servers to resolve.
Looking forward to the future fix. Thanks.


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