How to change/set New york location in hotspot shiled 7.0 elite

Hi, this is emma,

currently am using (windows 10 pro ) hotspot shiled 7.0 version elite.
the thing is my IP were blocked that is reason why am using Hotspot shiled… to track the rankings of particular training pages like Vmware training., SalesForce Training etc… for NEWYORK Location…

Now the problem is whenever i set location USA in hotspot shiled it is showing different different locations of USA… like losangles and dallas, texas, so the search ranking are showing different location ranks…

So facing issues from my clients… how can i set NEW YORK location parmanently in Hotspot shield. is there any way and steps to set particular location. or else can i use some other different software of HIDE VPN.

please give me suggestions.

thanks in advance.

Hi Emma,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately it looks like you’ve contacted us at Octopus Deploy by mistake. We’re a deployment software company based in Brisbane, Australia and aren’t affiliated with Hotspot Shield and unable to assist. I’ve had a look for their support contact info, and you should be able to be helped out here. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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