How to Change Log Location

(Kurtis Lamb) #1


We had an issue a few months ago which meant doing a SQL restore and we noticed that the log location has moved off the location it should be,

Is there a way to change where the logs actually go, right now they are in the default C:\octopus but we want them in another location because… reasons :smile:


(Kurtis Lamb) #2

So having looked closer i can see the Octopus Server Manager is pointing to a directory that it can see yet the logs are not been written to it.

Is there anyway to find why the logs are not writing anything out ?

(Kenneth Bates) #4

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit this issue. You can change where the logs are with the Octopus.Server.exe command line using the path command and --taskLogs=VALUE option as shown in the following doc page.

Is this what you’re after? Let me know how you go and if this resolves your issue. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


(Kurtis Lamb) #5

Hi Kenny,

I think i can do that :slight_smile:

If i can recreate the issue in our Dev instance ill test that first but i am not having any success. It may just have to be a try it and see as the impact is minimal

Thanks again

(Kurtis Lamb) #6

Hi Kenny,

So just had a look at the above and it refers to Task Logs, having made the change on our Dev instance i see it move the task logs but not the actual server logs. They currently still show - C:\Octopus\Logs

On our Live server these arent been created but even if they were i need to move them

Any thoughts?


(Kurtis Lamb) #7

Specifically this file OctopusServer.txt, it has stopped logging entirely

(Kurtis Lamb) #8

Kenny! your going to be sick of these emails, i resolved it :slight_smile:

Would be good to know the above anyway, but this was an hardening issue on the box which prevented the Service account running accessing that location.