How to automation the Tentacle installation on Linux

We struggle to find a simple way of automating the installation of the Linux agent. For Windows, we use a combination of Chocolatey for the actual install, and a modded version of the Tentacle DSC powershell resource.

On Linux, I can’t find any documentation of something we can plug into. I’m finding it a bit strange that a modern deployment tool doesn’t seem to have a good solution for automating all aspects of its management, so I probably missed something?

Trying to find out our best option for a completely end-to-end automation of getting a Tentacle installed and configured on Linux (both regular target and worker pool member)


Thanks for getting in touch.

We don’t (yet - it’s in active development. Look out for updates here over the coming couple of months) have a tentacle on linux. Our linux support goes straight through ssh and installs itself when you setup the target/worker. Tentacle or not tentacle doesn’t limit the deployment capability on linux, but will give you some extra configuration options: e.g. polling machines on linux.

You can currently automate the linux setup just with the REST API, either through the API directly (it and swagger docs are linked off here) or if you are using .NET you can use our Octopus.Client library. The setup of both deployment targets and workers can be automated through that.

There are examples of using the API in this github repo.

Hope that’s the right docs to get you going. If not, please get back to me and I can help further.


Thanks, I was afraid that was the case. I really think you should build something for at least one of the popular config mgmt systems out there. Octopus is a good product, but the lack of easy to use automation options is hurting us. (the rest api is an option, but it’s definetely not easy to use)


I should have pointed you to this in my previous answer, but there is a script in those examples that you might be able to edit for your needs.


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