How do you make OctopusDeploy:Release in TeamCity use assembly version (like Octopack?)

I have an MSBuild task in TeamCity using Octopack that is happily using the assembly version of my application, resulting in MyApp.0.1.459.0395.nupkg being created. Great!

I have another task dependent on that one which does an OctopusDeploy:Release step to my Octopus server. I cannot figure out how to tell it to just use the assembly / nuget package version. If I clear “Release number” out, it just uses %build.number%. Is there any way to make it use the version I want?

Hi John,

If you leave the release number empty it shouldn’t pass anything through, and so the NuGet package version should be used. Could you send me some screenshots of your build runner for Octopus Deploy: Release and the build log?