How do I share a variable set that is BOTH tenant and channel specific with multiple projects

If I create a Tenant Variable set, I can achieve variables for tenants (Site1, Site2, Site3) and corresponding channels (Dev, Staging, Prod) but only share that info with a single project. In this example, there are nine unique values.

How would one share that same matrix of variables with other projects and retain the tenant and channel values?

Hello @mgavel,

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When you mention channels are you referring to release channels or environments?

Octopus has the concept of common variables to share tenant variables across multiple projects. However, you cannot scope common variables to environments.

One of my colleagues has written a knowledge base article explaining a workaround to this scoping scenario using a mix of library set variables and common variables.

I am happy to discuss the workaround in more detail if needed. I hope this helps.

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