How do i setup a default set of variables to be used by a project where the values can be changed after they are added?

we are using v2.4.8.107 of octopus. There currently does not seem to be a way to quickly add a default set of variable to a project and also allow for changing the values and environments they apply to afterwards. my goal is that I want to make a Deploy to Azure step and have most of the step parameters be driven by variables since they change per environment.

first I tried to make use of the variable library, but all I can do is include the variables at the project level. I cannot change their values afterwards. second, I tried to make use of the parameters tab in the step template editor. this does not actually add any of the defined variables into the list of variables for the project when I add that step. it will instead just fill in the variables for the step. this seems like a useless thing to have unless its environment driven, so I don’t get the purpose of the parameters tab in that editor.

Is what I propose possible a different way?

Hi Kirk,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I wanted to have a discussion about this with some of our team.

Have you thought about creating a template/base project with all of your variables and then cloning this project to form your new projects then you can change the variables.
That would possibly be the easiest solution to your problem.

Let me know what you think and how you go.


yes I could do that too. didn’t really think about it but I do know about that clone functionality. just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything with variable sets alone. thanks!