How do i find the Package ID to put in my Project Process step

I have a package in the Octopus repository that includes a Powershell script called Deploy.ps1 to deploy a DACPAC.
I am using ‘Deploy a Package’ rather than ‘Deploy a DACPAC’ for this project.

I cannot figure out what to put in the ‘Package ID’ field under ‘Step Details’.

Does the ‘Package ID’ need to point to my package in the Octopus repository ?

What should i choose in the drop down list to refer to my package ?

Sorry for the silly question, this flu is really killing me.

It is the name of the name of my package in the repository. Found by clicking on the Library tab.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m glad you found it! The Octopus team hopes you get better soon. :slight_smile:

Feel free to get in touch any time.

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Thanks very much Daniel.

Would it be possible to have package names/id’s appear in the drop down menu of Package ID field ?

It would save browsing back to the Library page to get the Package name.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting back. Sorry for the delay in replaying to you. For feature suggestions we generally refer to UserVoice to gauge community support for new ideas and features. You are more than welcome to make a suggestions, if it generates enough community support, we can look to adding it into Octopus. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Daniel, I’ll put it to the vote :slight_smile: