How can I force octopus to exclude creating a package for 1 project if more than 2 projects have nuspec included in same solution

I have a solution with 3 projects. These 3 projects are deployed separately. Problem is whenever I create a build packages are created for all 3 projects for all 3 builds separately. If I want to deploy a build to another server it always picks up the recent build regardless of which project it belongs. is there any way I can exclude the other 2 nuspec files while deploying 1 project. I am using Octopack for creating packages. If I use Nu-get it only creates and deploy packages with the name provided not for all nuspec files include din the solution. Please guide.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your post!

To help here, could you please tell us which build server and NuGet server you are using, this will help us determine the solution.