How can I deploy to multiple environments on the same box?

What I have in mind here is having a staging site (for the purposes of customer verification) and a demo site (for the purposes of our demonstrating features to prospects) both running on the same box. Yeah, we could have a separate box, but we don’t really need one, and I’d rather save the dough.


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Answering the question on the subject, you can add a new tentacle instance on the same machine, and then add this new instance to another environment. To add a new instance open the Tentacle Manager on your server and click at the top right on the name of your current instance. On the attached screenshot you can see that I have 4 instances on the same tentacle. Each of those instances is on a different environment.

As for setting up a new box or not, that’s up to you. If those are non-important environments, perhaps it makes sense to save the money. But that’s gonna be your call :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


Excellent - that’s kind of what I’d thought would work (another tentacle on the same box), but I wasn’t sure if that was possible because of the nature of the install.