How can I check that the correct permissions have been assigned to a User in Octopus Deploy?

A User that we have in Octopus Deploy is getting “You do not have permission to perform this action”, how can I find out what permissions that user has so I can work out what is missing?

Octopus Deploy has a page where you can test the permissions -

Here, you can select the User who’s permissions you wish to interrogate, the results will show:

  • The teams of which the user is a member of.
  • A chart detailing each role and on which Environment/Project this permission can be executed. The chart can be exported to a CSV file by clicking the Export button. Once the file is downloaded it can viewed in browser using Online CSV Editor and Viewer.

You may find that the permission is related to the Space level vs System level permissions, in order to understand the differences between these take a look at this documentation: