How are nuget packages stored for release

We are currently deploying NUGet packages as part of the TFS build process to a share on the server, consequently they are overwritten each build.

Does Octopus stope the NUGet package at the time of release so if promoted the promotion of the release will contain the NUGet packages at the time of the first release?

If not - whats the way to deal with this? Is it a case of versioning the Packages?


Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch! When Octopus promotes a build, it downloads (from the repository) the same package that was deployed to the lower environment, to deploy it to the higher environment. The way octopus recognizes it is the same package is by the package version.

Was this the info you were looking for? If not please let me know as i felt i didn’t quite understood your question :slight_smile:


HI Dalmiro,

I think get it – the file path where the packages are located is considered the repository, therefore there must exist the old versions of the packages on that file structure. So what I did to resolve it was version the assemblies so the NUGET packages get distinct versions, therefore they exist historically for download and promotion of previous releases.

Great tool by the way!