Host in Azure VM Setup


On the homepage there is a link to ‘Host in Azure’ which points to a Azure Marketplace VM. I went through the installation steps but when I started my VM it doesn’t seem to be configured with anything. Are there additional steps in order to setup the Marketplace VM?


Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out!

I take it from your message that the VM provisioning ended up successfully since you were able to start and remote into the VM.

  • If you search for “Octopus Manager” on the start menu, do you see a Octopus icon? (see attached image)

If the above is true

  • When you open the Octopus Manager, is the Octopus Service started? If not, can you start it?


Hi Dalmiro,

I do not see “Octopus Manager” as an installed program. It also appears that IIS and Sql Server Express did not install.


Hi David,

Something must have gone wrong during the template deployment then.

  • Could you please send me a screenshot of the status of your Resource Management Template? see attached image for reference.

  • Could you also send a screenshot of all the resources that were created inside the resource group? see reference screenshot of a successful template deployment with all resources that should have been created for you.

Quick FYI: That Octopus Instance created by the Azure template runs on an Azure SQL database, so it doesn’t have SQL installed on the VM. Also Octopus runs as a self-hosted solution, meaning it doesn’t run on top of IIS.

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