High CPU usage in the server


Tonight, around 11pm, the CPU usage of our Octopus server unexpectedly spiked and has remained consistently high ever since (About 98% usage). This sudden increase in CPU utilization raised concerns among our team, as it’s causing performance bottlenecks.

We checked the DB and it looks O.K, we restarted the server but after a couple of minutes it went up again.

Can you help us with guidance about what to do to make the server functional again?


Good afternoon @itsystemshq,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and sorry to hear your CPU on your Octopus server is spiking.

You may have checked this out already but is it Octopus itself that is taking up the CPU? You can see this in task manager if you are hosting it on Windows, if you have any Octopus tentacles on your server this will show there too.

You can also check out the performance tab in task manager and also the resource monitor as they tend to go into more detail:

If it is Octopus that is causing this issue can you send us your Octopus Server logs please and also a process dump of your server (when the CPU is spiking). If you have any tentacles on that machine if we can also get the logs from those that should cover all bases. I can then get those sent to our engineers.

If its not Octopus that is causing the CPU spike you would need to check out event viewer to see if there are any errors with the application / process that is causing that spike as Octopus only has control over the Octopus service so if this CPU spike is down to another application we are unable to advise.

You can also use event viewer to check Octopus if it is Octopus causing the issue, are there any warnings in there, you can filter the application logs for Octopus and Octopus Tentacle (if you have a tentacle on the server).

I have created you a secure link here that you can upload the process dump and logs to, let me know once they have been uploaded and I can get those sent to our engineers.

Let me know if this is not Octopus too as I will be monitoring this thread to make sure I am here to help!

Kind Regards,

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