High browser CPU utilization


We are experiencing high CPU usage when navigating the Octopus UI. This has occurred in different browsers and for multiple users over different Octopus instances. (However, the instances are basically cloned from one original instance, so contain the same projects etc).

After logging in and clicking around on a few tabs, CPU will go to 40-50% usage constantly, even if its just one page open and sitting idle.


If we open up a second tab, CPU usage will got to 60-70%. If another user logs into the same box and loads the UI, CPU will effectly max out.

Please let me know what further information is required and how to gather it.
Octo v2018.11.2


We had a similar sounding issue before our last upgrade, but primarily on the Infrastructure page. When looking at the Tenant Tag Sets and Tenant counts shown, they were off significantly. When there were only a handful of tentacles associated with a Tenant, the display indicated 1501 Tentacles. That was not true for all Tenants, but it was a significant number. 1501 was also the magic number. The actual associations were still correct elsewhere.
Anyway, we never investigated further as an already planned Octopus software upgrade corrected whatever was awry and the counts returned to normal.

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Hi Stephen,

I have to apologise for the long delay in getting a response to you here, I let this ticket fall through the cracks.

I would definitely recommend upgrading here, ideally to our latest LTS release. The main reason is that I suspect you’ve hit this bug. You can read all about the changes between versions here, please make sure you pay close attention to the breaking changes as there will be a lot as we introduced our Spaces feature between these two versions.

If the upgrade fails to resolve your performance problems please let me know and we would be more than happy to investigate further.


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Alex, I’m seeing the same behavior in 2019.3.0 LTS. The quickest way I can aggravate it is a project that can deploy to 3 environments at the same time, kicks cpu usage up to 33% and stays there, even if I navigate to the dashboard after releasing. I have a 10 second performance dump if that’ll help.

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This was fixed in 2019.3.5 for me.

Hi @stormrider01

Thanks for confirming that your issue has been sorted.

@stevey are you able to confirm as well that you are now OK?