Helm chart feed binds to the internal octopus ID instead of the name

The step template ‘Upgrade a Helm Chart’ supports binding the feed name (which is awesome).

Unfortunately it is bound to the internal Octopus Deploy ID (ie Feeds-132) for the feed, instead of the name of the Feed (ie MyNuGetFeed).

Since feeds feature already enforces unique names, this seems like it should be bound to the name of the feed instead of its ID.

Is the intended functionality to bind to the ID? Do other parts of Octopus Deploy use the ID when binding to things?

An easy work around to this is to create a variable for each feed you want to be able to bind to and have the variable contain the ID of the feed. (ie DevFeedId = Feeds-1026, ProdFeedId = Feeds-1027)

Then your actual binding variable can have the values use the #{DevFeedId} for Dev and #{ProdFeedId} for prod.

This makes it so it is still human readable.

Hi @OctopusSchaff,

Thanks for getting in touch! Great question, and you’re right on the money (unfortunately). Selecting the feed in a variable requires specifying the feed-Id, and the best workaround to make this more human readable is exactly as you’ve suggested - store the feed ID in a variable that’s easier to reference. We’ve discussed potential solutions to this in the past, but nothing is currently planned to do it.

Sorry it’s not the news you were after! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns moving forward.

Best regards,


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