Healthcheck for new machines only queued up, but doesnt happen

Have noticed that when we register bulk machines into the Octopus environment, it shows in the section of ‘NEW’ for a long time and does nt show as Healthcheck passed.
When click on Tasks, it shows them queued up for Healthchecks since long time. It says, Task queued up since 8 hours and should have completed 8 hours ago.
As per Default machine policy. health check should happen every 2 min.
no errors on event viewer.
Then on restart of the service, the healthcheck happened.

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Could you please explain how many machines you are registering in bulk? Are these Listening Tentacles or Polling Tentacles? Does this occur every time you do a bulk registration of machines? ie. Is the problem consistent or seemingly random?

It’s possible that one of these tasks was stuck cancelling and has caused something to get backed up. When you noticed the health check tasks backing up, were any of the earlier health check tasks stuck executing or in a cancelling state?

Also, could you please let us know which version of Octopus Server are you running?

If you’re running the latest 3.13 version, could you please attach a System Report (go to Configuration > Diagnostics > System Report - this will then download a zip). This will help us see some of your Octopus Server’s recent task activity and setup information. If this file is too big to email, could you please upload it here.