Health Check SSH SFTP fails

We’re having trouble with a specific CentOs target where we are unable to get a successful Health Check.
(We have other similar CentOs targets with (Calamari, mono and all pre-reqs) working perfectly.)
Suspect network issues since this target is in another network.
Have enabled access to specific IPs and ports (22), installed all pre-reqs but are struggling to understand what we’ve missed. Please advise.

We see a SFTP session timeout.
Looks like we download the file successfully but not the
We are running v2018.8.11

Hi Alice,
Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you are having trouble with this SSH target.
It definitely seems like there is a network connection issue with this CentOS target. Are you able to log into the Octopus server and manually establish an SSH to that CentOS machine using an SSH client such as PUTTY, or even an SFTP connection.
I would be interest in seeing if it is possible to establish a connection and even transfer a few files manually from the Server.

You mention you have other CentOS targets, are they also on another network?

Kind regards,
Tom W

Hiya Tom - thanks for your reply - we eventually fixed this problem by setting “UseDNS no” on our target CentOs machine. This improved performance significantly and Octo was then able to perform a health check.

Kind regards

Hi Alice,
That’s great news, I’m glad you managed to get it working.

Kind regards,
Tom W

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