Health Check results for Tentacle in 4.0 UI?


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Still on v4.0.11, so if this is addressed in a later version, my apologies.

When looking at a machine on the Infrastructure page, it shows the health check status as v3 did. But when I open up a specific machine, the Connectivity page only tells me that “The last health check encountered warnings”, but not what the warnings were. I have to go look at the task results of the last Health Check task and find the specific machine in the list to figure out exactly what’s wrong.

In v3 the results for the machine were available on a per-machine basis, though I don’t remember exactly where - I think it might have actually been on the Events page (could click on the “became unhealthy” event to expand the details).

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You should be able to see the reason for the warning in a Health check for a machine if you go to the Events tab when viewing a specific machine, finding the event where the machine became unhealthy or became healthy but has warnings and then click Show details and it should have the reason for the warning there.

I hope that helps.

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I don’t see a “Show Details” link by the events. (I’m in the System Administrator role, so if it’s there I should have permissions to it!) Nor does clicking on the row seem to do anything.

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Hi Andrew,

My apologies, I did not realize but this was not added until 4.1.4.

Thank you and best regards,

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Thanks! We’ll be upgrading again later this month, good to know that that’s included.

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