Health check: Not running latest version of Calamari

I recently setup a new Octopus Server and tentacle.

After finishing all the installation tasks, I wen t run a health check and got this message:

Not running latest version of Calamari.
Directory does not exist: C:\Octopus_tentacle\Calamari

Note: the directory Octopus_tentacle is what I specified during setup because both the server and the tentacle are on the same machine.

I was confused for a bit at why my new installation would not have perfect health. I thought I had made a mistake.

After searching the internet, I found my answer in the docs.
This Page specifies that Calamari won’t be installed until it’s actually needed.

Deployments now proceed as follows:

  1. Octopus acquires packages and generates variables files
  1. The packages and variables are pushed to the the target, along with the latest version of Calamari (if it is not already present)
  1. The deployment target invokes Calamari to perform each deployment step
  1. Calamari performs the deployment step

Hope this helps some other folks

Hi Al,

Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for bringing this confusion to our attention!

We’ve updated our Installing Tentacles documentation to mention that you will see this warning message in the first health check after installing your Tentacle and what it means.

Thank you and best regards,