Health check history is too short


I was looking into a problem with a nightly deployment, and saw that the issue was related to one of the machines not being “online”. I wanted to see if the machine had failed a health check recently, and discovered that the health check history only exists for the current day. There is no way of customising the length of the health check history as far as I can see.

Why does the health check history only last for a day, when we can look all the way back to the installation of OD to see the history of some of the other tasks?

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Hi Trond,

Thanks for getting in touch! We only keep a days worth of data per machine as keeping it forever or longer would be pretty useless and take a lot of space. However your suggestion is a really good one. Keeping the last known failed health check information with a date would help in situations like yours to determine outages.

We do keep each health check task, but then finding the correct task for the correct machine where it might have failed, is not searchable or easy to find without trawling through them all.

I have created a UserVoice suggestion (and even added one of my own votes) which you can view, vote and comment on here:

Hope that helps!