Health Check always failed & my deployment target is always offline


i used octopus deploy with the version 3.1.3 for test the tool.i have an octopus server and an octopus tentacle on the same machine and everything worked.

Since i upgraded my ocotpus server and octopus tentcale to 3.1.6, all my environement deployment target is offline. Each time i try to do a check health, i have the following message :

Task ID: ServerTasks-13
Task status: Failed
Task queued: samedi 31 octobre 2015 17:40
Task started: samedi 31 octobre 2015 17:40
Task duration: 15 seconds
Server version: 3.1.6+Branch.master.Sha.331b6019ef669b9186a7a8ce375dd9c1ea8c14fd

                | == Running: Check Deployment Target health in test ==

Info | Starting health check for deployment targets in: test
Error | The health check failed. One or more deployment targets were not available.
| == Success: Check deployment target: target ==
Error | Exception lors de l’appel de «IsInRole» avec «1» argument(s): «La relation
Error | d’approbation entre cette station de travail et le domaine principal a échoué.
Error | »
Error | Au caractère D:\Octopus-Tentacle\Work\20151031164007-11\Bootstrap.ps1:28 : 2
Error | + $isAdmin = $windowsPrincipal.IsInRole(“Administrators”)
Error | + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Error | + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:slight_smile: [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException
Error | + FullyQualifiedErrorId : SystemException
Error | The remote script failed with exit code 1
| == Success: Summary ==
Info | - target at, error: The remote script failed with exit code 1
Error | One or more deployment targets were not online. Please see the output log for details.

However When i try my tentacle url, everything is fine (https://my-tentatcle:10933/).

After several search in the forum and on the web, i’ve decided to uninstall all and reinstall the server and the tentacle with the version 3.1.6.

When i was read this message, i saw the following line :

  • D:\Octopus-Tentacle\Work\20151031164007-11\Bootstrap.ps1
  • $isAdmin = $windowsPrincipal.IsInRole(“Administrators”)

I’ve decided to execute localy this powershell script and it fail. afterwards, i have modified the following parameter $windowsPrincipal.IsInRole(“Administrators”) by

$windowsPrincipal.IsInRole(“Administrateurs”) because my OS is in french and this script run correctly.
But i don’t know if it resolve the health check problems…

can u help me please ??


OctopusServer.txt (14 KB)

OctopusTentacle.txt (14 KB)

Diagnostics_Page.txt (2 KB)

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for getting in touch. We should be handling the IsInRole("") better for localized Operating Systems. I’ve raised a GitHub Issue to investigate and fix this problem.

However, it does seem weird that the error message you are receiving is The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed which points to a problem with the domain membership of the server Tentacle is installed on.

Hope that helps!