Have "Deploy a Release" also create a new release first


Given this scenario:

  • Project A, an app release
  • Project B, a powershell script

When Project A deploys to production, I want to “Deploy a Release” for Project B. However, this is failing because it seems to be looking for a release number that matches Project A that just got deployed. Since Project B is just a script, I need this instead to either (a) create a release in Project B or (b) use the latest release in Project B. Is there a way to accomplish this? Obviously a setting for this (a) or (b) in “Deploy a Release” would be ideal.

FYI, I don’t want Project B’s powershell script to be a step in Project A because it also gets deployed (ie script run) on a schedule.

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Hi @robertmiles3,

Thanks for getting in touch! I could be misinterpreting your question here, so let me know if I have. :slight_smile:

When the Project A release is created, a snapshot is captured which contains the release to be used for Project B. Unfortunately there is no way to promote a parent deployment using a child project’s release created after the parent.

A potential solution could be to include the script in the deployment using a step template. This would let you also keep the separate project on a scheduled deployment and update both scripts at the same time by updating the step template.

Let me know if you have any further thoughts or questions here. Or if I have misinterpreted your issue.

Best regards,

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