Handling multiple custom deployments

So I have a single code line that generates installation packages of my product

Each of these package have many variables that need to be replaced in web.config/app.settings etc.

Each of these packages all has configurations to deploy to shared IIS servers (power shell scripts)

So I currently have a variable set at the project level that each tied to the appropriate deployment scope. This is mainly that many of the variables have the same name but have different values for each scope, (such as Connection_String, WebServicename).

I have a Library variable set for handling the server names between DEV/QA/UAT lifecycle.

Then I have another Library variable set that has the customer custom configurations.

For each customer I clone the project and have to manually create a new global customer config and link it to the new project.

Is there a better way to do this? Is there a way to clone a Library Variable Set? Or can I have multiple variable sets under a project.

What I would really like it to move the project variable set to a library and use one library for all my projects and only include the custom properties in the project? Is that possible?


Thanks for reaching out.

What you are currently doing is actually the best way to go around a multi-tenant scenario like yours.

We are currently working very hard in our 3.4 release, which will introduce a much better support for scenarios like yours by treating Tenants as first citizens. You can read more about that in our latest blogpost about it, and you can even give a try to our Alpha2 that already includes that feature:

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