Grandfathering of old licenses

I’ve read your recent blog post on the new licensing model. My company have been on what previously was a Team License for many years (60 machines/projects/users, and if I remember correctly that was 3000 USD for three years). So jumping up to a 100 machines License at 7000 USD a year will mean an increase in cost that I’ll have quite a challenge selling to our upper management.

From the comments in the mentioned blog post, I’ve also read that Paul Stovell has mentioned that you’ll grandfather the licenses for existing users, so that we’ll keep our current subscription at the current cost (possibly with a slight increase every year as time goes by). Do you have some kind of “hard information” on this that I can present to upper management, to make easier for me to document the expected future license costs to upper management?

PS: In your new support forum I cannot see any setting to mark a support request as private/public. I’m pretty confident that this was possible in the old support forum.

Hi Julian,

At the moment we don’t have any plans to change grandfathered license pricing, but I can’t guarantee that we won’t in the future. Octopus today is quite a different product than it was, and I’m confident that even with the new pricing, Octopus is still great value. We grandfathered old licenses because we know companies usually have a budget in advance for renewals and any changes would make it difficult for them to get approval.

The only way to really lock a price in is to renew it now ahead of time - some customers have renewed 3 years in advance for this reason. If we do make changes to grandfathered pricing, we’d give plenty of notice and the chance to renew at the current prices before the new pricing comes in to effect.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Paul. Knowing that we’ll get due notice before any changes to the grandfathered pricing is more than sufficient for us!