Google sign-in error

(nkomlichenko) #1

Octopus deploy 3.15.8
When trying to sign-in using google get error message
“ErrorMessage”: “The UTC time represented when the offset is applied must be between year 0 and 10,000.\r\nParameter name: offset”
Sign in with username/password works fine. It used to work before, looks like stop working several versions ago (was not working in 3.15.7 and 3.15.6 and maybe earlier)

(Dean Malone) #2

Hi Nikolai,

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

This is related to a known issue that we are currently working on, which you can track over on GitHub. We are currently testing a fix and expect to release this very soon.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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