Good options for Multiple Tentacles in an Azure Environment

My company has 6 cloud based applications. Each application is deployed into 3 different environments. Currently I have created 5 low power VM’s to install Tentalces onto. Each Tentacle is set such that it can deploy any of the applications to any of the environments. The thinking behind this is that when a tentacle is busy then a deployment would be passed to a free tentacle. In theory this should make the the time between a build and a release being deployed should be as short as possible.

Is this actually how Octopus handles these scenarios, or is there an alternative way to distribute the Tentacles?

Hi Rob,

In Tentacle Manager, in the top right hand corner there is a drop down where you can create new instances. Instead of 5 VM’s, you could have one VM that just runs 5 different Tentacle services. Each one just needs to listen on a different port and use a different base directory.

Hope that helps,