GitHub Integration Very SLow

It seems that Octopus is pulling the same version history multiple times from GitHub even if it is pulling the data from the same repository in a number of different steps.

My company requires all scripts to be under source control. GitHub integration was a feature very well received. Because Octopus will not allow pre/mid/post scripts within package deployment step to be retrieved from GitHub I have had to pull out all of the functionality into custom step templates.

A single GitHub repository houses all of the scripts and each step template references one of the scripts from this repository.

A release of a project with one of these step templates can take 10 seconds to bring up. A release of a project which contains a mix of 30 of these step templates shows a corresponding increase in time before the create release dialog opens. 5 minutes.

It would be good if octopus could cache it’s access of GitGub within the process of creating a new release so that it only needs to access github for version history once per respository.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear you have had some performance issues with the new GitHub feature.

I have raised an issue for you to watch and you will be notified when it has been resolved. Feel free to add additional comments or information to the GitHub issue.


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