GitHub Feed Package Version is Wrong


We are deploying a package and want to use a package from a GitHub Feed to supply configuration templates. The two packages are in separate repositories and are versioned separately.

During the deployment process, it appears that it is automatically appending the version for the package we are deploying to the package id for the configuration templates.


Are we not able to specify the version for our GitHub Feed package independently from the main deployment package?

Hey @mcopeland , thanks for reaching out!

Can you tell me a little more about your setup? What does the create release screen look like when selecting versions for your external scripts?

I did a test this morning using two public OctopusSamples repositories - IaC and SamplesDirectory. You can see in those repos that the latest tags are 1.5.29 and 0.11.2, respectively, which don’t impact the version of the release itself (0.0.2 in this test case)

With my GitHub feed set up, when I create a release, I see those two tag versions:

And I see that the output in the task log matches as well:

Can you confirm that this matches your setup and that I reproduced your steps correctly? I was unable to achieve the same behavior, so any clarification on your steps would help me ensure I’m on the same path you are.

Hi @cory.reid ,

Thanks for the reply. This was helpful. I do indeed see the correct version when manually creating the release in Octopus, and verified the manual release processed correctly.

We automatically create the releases in TeamCity using the Octopus plugin, and those releases for some reason are using the version for the package we are deploying.

I am going to try a few things and will let you know.

Hi @cory.reid

I figured out the issue. We were passing --packageversion on the commandline. Removing this fixed the issue and it started requesting the proper version from our GitHub Feed.

Appreciate your help,

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I’m glad you got it figured out, thanks for sharing!

Feel free to reach out any time if you run into additional issues or have any questions.