Git Redundancy for Version Control

I am working on projects that are being deployed on Octopus, and I am interested in your new feature Configuration as Code. After reviewing your documentation, I realized that this feature is one-way and once the project is connected to Git, it can not be reverted to the old settings.

For security measures, I’m interested in whether you have a replacement, an alternative for Git, in case of undesirable scenarios such as deleted repo?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Ivana,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We don’t have any built-in backup or recovery options for version-controlled projects. If the Git repo becomes unavailable, either due to deletion or network problems then the project will be inaccessible.

There are a few methods you could use to mitigate this though.

The first option would be to clone the project prior to converting it to version control, I would definitely recommend this initially as it provides a route back when you begin testing out the feature. Over the longer term though, the cloned project would drift from the version-controlled one and become less useful as a backup.

Once a project has been converted to version control you can protect against destructive actions, like a repo deletion, by either cloning the repo or downloading the .ocl files to a secure location.


Noted. Thank you, Paul.


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