Getting packages from Azure Devops services (cloud) to Octopus Server (on-premise - lan)

I’m thinking we are not the only ones wanting this setup but can’t find anything related here or else where.

What we would like to do is keep our existing Octopus Server on-premise which is within our LAN. We are wanting to move our Azure Devops server (on-premise) to Azure Devops Services (cloud).

The issue I’m having is how do we get the build packages from Azure DevOps services (cloud) to our Octopus Server (on-premise LAN)? Really don’t want to move Octopus Server to DMZ and the Octopus Cloud is a little pricey for us.

Hi @dougbloch!

Thanks for getting in touch - you have a couple of options here that might help get you over the line here:

  1. You could use a self-hosted build agent inside your network, that will poll your ADO cloud instance, and then it would have a direct connection to your on-premises Octopus instance.

  2. You could make use of artifacts in ADO, and then use that as an external feed in Octopus. Sadly, you can’t make use of some features of the ADO integration (such as creating releases etc.) if there’s no communication path to the Octopus server.

I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions!

Happy deployments!

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Justin, Thank you. We’ll go the route of the self-hosted agent.

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