Getting "File format exception" pushing zip package to Octopus

When trying to push a zip file to octopus, we are seeing this error:

2023-10-23T22:54:39.6899110Z Pushing package: E:\ADO_work\r2\a_Platform.Automation.Scheduling.ExecutionServices\deploy\…
2023-10-23T22:54:39.6959377Z Could not determine the package ID and/or version based on the supplied filename
2023-10-23T22:54:39.6963370Z Falling back to pushing the complete package to the server
2023-10-23T22:54:39.7642086Z There was a problem with your request.
2023-10-23T22:54:39.7642521Z - File format exception
2023-10-23T22:54:39.7651972Z Error from Octopus Server (HTTP 400 BadRequest)

Is there a way to figure out why it can’t detect the version number from the filename and why it is getting a file format exception?

Using Octopus CLI, version 9.1.7, (although we were getting the same error with version 7.4.3663 of the CLI).

Our Octopus Server version is 2023.3.12943

I figured it out. Semver doesn’t like ‘_’ in the suffix(preview) part of the version number. Once I changed that to “-”, it uploaded fine.

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