Getting a list of all the Deployment Process Steps in a project

Hello guys,

Found something similar here, but without any solution:

From a list of projects retrieved with Octo.exe, I want to filter them based on a specific deployment process step.
With this filtered list, I will update the variables and redeploy the projects to QA environment. Any combination of PowerShell, Octo.exe and Octopus.Client would be much appreciated.

Any thoughts on this?


Hi RaduL,

Thanks for getting in touch! Please refer to the our API and Integration documentation, specifically the API reference and examples. You can use Octopus.Client (C#) or OctoPosh (PowerShell).

This and this example may be useful.

The Web interface uses the exact same API, so often it is useful to look at how the Web site does things.

Hope that helps!

Robert W