GetAssemblyVersionInfo fails in OctoPack 3.0.65

Trying to use OctoPack (latest from Nuget) to package an web application. Using msbuild, I get the following error:

\xxx\packages\OctoPack.3.0.65\tools\OctoPack.targets(46,5): error MSB4018: The “GetAssemblyVersionInfo” task failed unexpectedly.\r [xxx\Apps\ServiceMinder.Geo\ServiceMinder.Geo.csproj]
xxx\packages\OctoPack.3.0.65\tools\OctoPack.targets(46,5): error MSB4018: System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly ‘file:///xxx\Apps\ServiceMinder.Geo\bin\ServiceMinder.Geo.dll’ or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.\r [xxx\Apps\ServiceMinder.Geo\ServiceMinder.Geo.csproj]

There is a DLL there and I can right click and see version info… Also, the app runs local fine.

Hi Jkeene,

Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like this is a recent regression, in my testing OctoPack 3.0.60 works fine, but 65 gives this error with x64 build targets. We should have a fix out shortly, but please revert to 3.0.60 in the meantime.

Hope that helps!



We’ve just updated OctoPack to 3.0.66 which should fix this issue. Thanks again for the bug report.