Get tentacle application path in variable

Some of my variables for environments need to know what folder the application is located. Is there a way I can add a replaceable to a variable that will get populated with the final path where the tentacle is hosting the application?

for instance, if I have a web.config appsetting that is:

It would be handy when declaring the upload_path variable for the different environments to be able to create the variable like so:


Or something along those lines. Is there a way to do this?

Hi Sean,

Currently variables aren’t calculated/evaluated, they are just static. From
a PowerShell script however you can use the current directory
(Environment.CurrentDirectory) to know the current path.

It’s a great suggestion though - adding to my backlog.


Paul Stovell

I wanted to throw in some support for this feature. A number of our applications’ configs require absolute file paths to directories within the application. Most of our deployments wouldn’t require any PowerShell scripting, so it would be extremely useful if there was an environment variable that included the application path since each release changes those paths.

Thanks for the feedback on this item, I’ve added it to the list of features that will be in v1: