FTP Deploy package to FTP server without PASSIVE mode


I am trying to deploy to a ftp server using active mode for transferring.
It does not work with PASV mode from filezilla, but everything works using active mode.

Is there anyway to force Octopus FTP deploy to use active mode ?

When i use FTP deploy from octopus, i get the following error:

013-12-07 20:20:06 DEBUG [FTP] —> PWD
2013-12-07 20:20:06 DEBUG [FTP] —> SYST
2013-12-07 20:20:06 DEBUG [FTP] —> PWD
2013-12-07 20:20:06 DEBUG [FTP] —> PASV
2013-12-07 20:20:27 DEBUG [FTP] —> LIST
2013-12-07 20:20:40 ERROR System.IO.IOException: An I/O exception occurred. —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags)

And i cannot locate a way to change this.

Kind regards

Hi Carl,

There’s no way to change this currently but we’ll try to include it in our next release.