Fresh Octopus master install with external access ( azure )

Hi am looking for some assistance around getting the octopus master to work with an azure vm where i can access the octopus deploy UI via web interface.
i changed the bindings so far and nothing else.

Do i require IIS ?

Hi Steffan,

Thanks for getting in touch! You dont need IIS as Octopus is self-hosted using Nancy.fx. Is it possible that you haven’t opened the VM’s endpoints yet?

Hope that helps!


hi thanks for the response

Yes i believe i have opened up some endpoints but maybe not the right ones.

what specific endpoint is required ?

:80 ?

any more

Hi Steffan,

To check on which port is Octopus listening on, remote into the VM hosting the Octopus Server and open the Octopus Manager. On the top right corner (see attachment), you’ll see on which port you can browse your Octopus server. Try browsing it locally from the localhost URL that shows up there. If you can see the portal it means Octopus was configured properly.

From there you’ll need to open the endpoints as shown on the link I sent. Perhaps it’ll be a good idea to reach out to Azure support for some help opening the endpoints.